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Gibbon Slacklines 25M Wing 3.5-Set Orange

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Producent: Gibbon Slacklines
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Whether you're a beginner, experienced slacker or professional: this material is for you! Already with the first steps you notice the vibrant dynamics of the band, reducing the sideways tilting to a minimum. Due to the integrated wing technology, the hose band edges adapt to the shape of the sole of the foot. With a width of 35 mm, the band is also extremely forgiving in case of placement errors when balancing. Because of the considerable rebound force, ambitious jumps are possible even on short distances. The 15 m version of the Wing 3.5 is especially recommended for beginners, children and families. When slipping off the line, the edges of the hose bend downwards, greatly reducing the risk of injury from abrasions. The 25 m version, on the other hand, offers an optimal introduction into longlines and is also recommended for friends of cultivated surfing.
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Produkt dokumenter
Elephant Slacklines Wing 3.5 Slackline with treewear, orange, 25m, 24,8m line + 0,2m ratchet strap, *Made in Germany* for starters advanced and pros, width 35mm/1,4", 50mm/2" standard ratchet with spacers, perfect leisure activity length complete set 25m; line 24,8m; ratchet strap 0,2m; width 35mm/1.4" width 35mm/1.4", length 0,20m + 24,80m with treewear, 2 shackles, 2 slings tubular webbing: 7-8mm; elongation of the line: 5,9% bei 7,5kN (~ 750kg); tear resistance of the line: 30kN (~3.000kg); reinforced loops 1,4mm; tensioning device: 50mm longarm ratchet with spacers 0
Produkt specifikationer
Størrelse: 25m * 3.5cm
materialebeskrivelse Ratchet: metal, webbing: polyester
vægt 4,8
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