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Gibbon Slacklines 25M Blue Wing-Set Blå

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Producent: Gibbon Slacklines
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Equipped with the revolutionary "Wing" technology, this line keeps up with all present standards in long- and highline fashion. The low gyrating mass and low elongation allow a smooth balancing experience and easy rigging even of longer lines. Soft tube edges prevent injuries when catching higlines. Developed and tested by the elephant project team, the blue wing is also a top candidate for surfing.
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Produkt dokumenter
Elephant Slacklines blue Wing, blue, 25m, 24,85m line + 0,2m ratchet strap, *Made in Germany* width 25mm/1", 50mm/2" longarm ratchet with spacers, for longlining and highlining, perfect leisure activity length complete set 25m; line 24,8m; ratchet strap 0,2m; width 25mm/1" width 25mm/1", length 0,20m + 24,80m with treewear, 2 shackles, 2 slings tubular webbing: 4-5mm; tensioning device: 50mm longarm ratchet with spacers 0
Produkt specifikationer
Størrelse: 25m * 2.5cm
materialebeskrivelse Ratchet: metal, webbing: polyester
vægt 4,8
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