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Gibbon Slacklines 15M Rookie Flash`Line-Set Pink

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Producent: Gibbon Slacklines
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The sporty 15m slackline "rookie", consisting of the slackline itself and a high quality 50 mm standard ratchet, can be setup easily and fast. Round edges, black borders and the comfortable width of the line help to achieve a fast learning success: That's fun! Equipped with the time-tested flashline band, the rookie allows a low-priced access to slacklining - without having to accept any compromises
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Elephant Slacklines Rookie Flashline with treewear, pink, 15m (12,5m line + 2,5m ratchet strap with reinforced loop), *Made in Germany* width 50mm, for starters and beginners, incl. 50mm/2" standard ratchet, perfect leisure activity length complete set 15m; line 12,5m; ratchet strap 2,5m; width 50mm/2" width 50mm/2", length 2,50m + 12,50m with treewear reinforced loops 1,4mm; tensioning device: 50mm standard ratchet 0
Produkt specifikationer
Størrelse: 15m * 5cm
materialebeskrivelse Ratchet: metal, webbing: polyester
vægt 2,5
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